We are BlackList. Welcome to the Revolution. 


 BlackList is a new organization at American University designed to establish space for Black artists and creators to truly immerse themselves in their work and champion the cultural expressions of the African Diaspora. 

BlackList seeks to recruit and maintain the membership of Black student creatives. We seek to support and share the work of aspiring and established artists, calling forth actors, musicians, dancers, singers, poets, playwrights, directors, technicians, designers, sculptors, painters, photographers, screenwriters, and dramaturgs, as well as other multimedia creatives.

We strive to put on productions, present master-classes, host panels, hold workshops, and conduct viewing parties by and for Black students and their allies who seek this platform to encourage and highlight voices that are under-recognized and under-explored.

Creatives will have the ability to innovate within a safe and cultivating environment. We promise to actualize works by Black creators; works that are not often produced by our own theatre and art departments at American University. Our voice will be heard.


 Press, Press, Press, Press, Press for BlackList