*Everyone is welcome to our events. These events are geared towards African Diasporic peoples and will focus on content that uplifts the voices of those who self identify as Black. Black is an inclusive term that embracesbut is not limited to— those who identify as African American, Afro-Latinx, Afro-Asian, Caribbean, African, and Afro-European. 

Also, we acknowledge that the current state of affairs may have effected your enrollment as a student. So, if you do not have an American University email to register for BlackList events, please send us a direct email so that we can manually admit you into the selected event's zoom room.

No upcoming events at the moment


  • Encourage an appreciation of Black art (of any form) within the American University community

  • Organize various art-centered events devoted to unifying and healing American University’s Black community

  • Engage students with texts and art of Black creators that are often overlooked in the classroom

  • Serve as a catalyst for productions by and for Black artists

  • Encourage creativity and innovation for Black students attending American University